Comedy Magician

Magic Century

As a boy, Century Russell was fascinated by every aspect of the performing arts. At age 10, he was riding unicycles, juggling, and starting his studies in sleight of hand. He worked summers in a small New England circus as he honed his magic skills. By age 20, he was performing in local fairs as a fire-eater and doing handcuff and straightjacket escapes.

In the late seventies, Century made his home in Utah and worked demonstrating magic in the local magic shop while performing at the Promised Valley Playhouse, the Center Theatre, and local nightclubs. At this time he was the first performer ever to be licensed to perform on the streets of Salt Lake City.

Century Russell currently performs as Magic Century. He has mastered some of the finest performance pieces of classic and contemporary magic. He has developed dozens of original tricks with coins, cards, and ropes. All have been stamped with his distinctive mix of comedy and illusion.

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