Corporate Comedian

Robby Wagner

Robby Wagner is a health & wellness humorist, corporate comedian, and inspirational fitness author. Always entertaining and highly interactive, his health and wellness presentations have motivated thousands of staff members for businesses, leadership teams, college students, our military, and any organization who wants to  employ wellness and engage their members with humor and activity. He is the founder and owner of Healthy Humor Productions LLC, where he combines his 20 years of fitness education along with his 15 years of professional comedy background, and provides hilariously engaging keynotes and workshops to motivate and strengthen individuals of all different professional backgrounds.

He is also the book author of My Burpee’s Shadow: Inspiring Stories About Embracing Fitness where he shares his own experiences which lead him to embrace fitness, and ultimately, help him to achieve a (nearly) 100 pound weight loss and to become strong in all other areas of his life. He is a true inspiration and active leader in his community, changing lives to hundreds of people each week on the subject of wellness.

Today, companies seek him out to entertain, motivate, and inspire personal wellness and lifestyle for their staff. Whether it’s a training conference, wellness themed event, or staff appreciation night of fun entertainment, Robby always brings the gift of laughter to enrich the lives of all attendees at any event.

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